Item not received case on eBay, but don't have money for refund?

I just recently sold an item a couple weeks ago, which the buyer claims he never got. So he filed a case on it, and preferred a refund. This put a hold on my funds on PayPal and I had a negative balance due to me not having sufficient funds for the buyer. I selected the refund option because having a negative balance is NOT GOOD on any account. But my real question here; will the buyer receive his funds even though it resulted in a negative?? If not, then I have to go through the red tape just to zero my balance back and still have an unhappy customer. That I do not want...

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Paypal will refund the buyer & you will owe $ to paypal. Did you use delivery confirmation for proof of delivery?


1 year ago

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i had something like this once luckily for me the buyer was local so i went to his house to give him his money back and personally apologize sorta thing, and the idiot left the item on the floor outside his kitchen which you could see from the front door. Dont be too certain they havnt recieved it ! people are retards man

by somanythoughts - 1 year ago