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    How do I go about starting a business?

    I'm 13, and I'm saving up for a horse, so I'm looking to start either an iPhone cover making business or a headcollar customising business. My parents can't help, they have no experience in this field. How do I go about starting a business? I have start off money, yes, and I am researching item costs and planning what prices they'll be etc, but how do I start off? Make a website and hope for the best? Sell a few on eBay and then gradually start making more and possibly opening an eBay shop? I really want to do this, so any help would be appreciated.
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    I am a small business owner, and my son is a small business owner. So I know what I'm talking about. You are to be commended on your energy because it takes energy to succeed. Now your goal for this business is to raise money for a horse. You mention headcollar business, so I must assume that you are around the horse business. I think you should focus on raising the money you need to purchase a horse over starting and running a business which frequently takes as much effort to maintain as an animal. For example, lets say you are very successful and sell to a shop and get your horse quickly. Will you ignore your customers when they beg you for collars when you have to study and take care of your horse and want to ride him? So I would encourage you to consider developing a plan to get the money to purchase a horse rather than make a business. First, consider how much will it cost for a horse? Well what kind to you want. Would you consider another type for less. For example....In Indiana where Amish country is they have auctions and you can get a nice horse for 100 dollars and a crummy one for 25 bucks. So you don't have to pay a fortune for one. What about working around a stable or caring for one if you have a ranch at your place. Can you cut grass, baby sit, deliver news papers???? Talk to people you know at your church or school. You will find all kinds of jobs. I suspect that you will have your horse in no time. Good Luck
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    • I would not sell on ebay personally but your choice. Make up some sample head collars and approach the tack shops in your area to see if you can sell on consignment with them. You can try etsy for both.

      by pissy_old_lady - an hour ago

    • simplest fastest smartest way to start a business - go to local library to learn b4 u burn up money. all the info u will need.

      by Rob - an hour ago

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