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    I want some advice please guys... (read additional details)?

    I'm now 18 and in college studying equine. in school I was a bright kid and had dreams of great things, but certain things happened in my life that lead to me not caring about my grades, rebeling and worse... I now have an amazing want and need for knowlege, especially science and astronomy related and I have this childhood dream of doing something with my life in the science world. My grades are rubbish though. At my age do you think it's too late to think about re-doing my gcse's and following what I've always wanted to do? After all I'd be quite a lot older by the time I'd left education... I just don't know what to do. I feel like I've waisted my life doing a course I have little passion for when I was more than capable of doing what I wanted to do...
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    Most of us have wasted some time in our lives. The younger you are when you "wake up" the easier it is. But (as they say) it's never too late. Personally, I wouldn't look back. You are already in college and that is where the grades really matter. Even if you are in some classes that you are not interested in, take them, study, and ace them. Nothing is that bad that you can't learn something, and apply yourself. After a few general courses. a student with great grades can transfer into the specialty that is of interest to him - even if you need to change schools to do it. With any luck you also have an adviser that can help you plot the probably course. Take advantage of that free career counseling. If your adviser is a dummy, find another one. To find a member of the faculty that you can relate to (and that knows all the ropes) is an honorable quest. Good luck
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