Shipping a gift to a local USPS, FedEx, or UPS?

I want to send a very nice gift to one of my friends but however I don't want to send it to their house only because, well, you know how nosy people can be so I was thinking if it is possible to ship it to their local usps, fedex or ups store? Thanks!

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well, you can request a DIRECT SIGNATURE option at an additional cost,

so only that person can sign for the package; if he/she isn't home, they'll leave a notice for the customer...

he/she then can call to have it diverted to the local ups store or fedex office location for pickup

ps: some drivers are lazy and will have anyone at the address sign for the parcel, just to get rid of the package on the first attempt. IE, i had a roomate or family member that signed for the parcel, saying it was them that was written on the box...

another way to bypass that possibility is to have an ADULT SIGNATURE service added to the box at more cost


1 year ago