Why is my shipping cost so high?

I have a cupcake business and am starting to ship them nationwide. The packaging consists of 12 cupcakes in a plastic container which is then put in a mailer box, then a ice pack is added, wrapped in thermal wrap and then put in another box. Not too bulky at all maybe 14x12x6. I had to pay UPS $55 for 2nd day air and the other carriers are all similar. My issue is I purchased the same thing from 'Georgetown Cupcake' and only paid $25 for overnight shipping! What's going on?
Georgetown Cupcake has a flat rate of $25 regardless of location. We have been in biz for 3 yrs now.

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open an account and you get better rates also the more you hsip the more discounts you get. with my ups stuff packages cost anywhere from $50-$80 but i normally ship for $12 to $20. also ups is generally more than fedex

1 year ago

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UPS charges by distance as well as by size and weight. Were you shipping your cupcakes further than Georgetown Cupcake was shipping theirs to you?

Have you checked to see what USPS would charge for the same size package?

by rtfm - 1 year ago

check different delivery firms
and be careful with your time investment; few cupcake biz's survive 5 mo of operation

by kemperk - 1 year ago