Ideal small business?

Hi, uhm, I'm planning to open a business but I don't know what is essential now-a-days. I want to ask you, what's the most simple business but gets a lot of customers. Any help from you guys?

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The most simple business to start is one that you already know how to do. People don't buy what's essential, they buy what they want to buy. One person may consider a 64" flat panel monitor is essential, whereas someone else may think a 20" is essential. It's all relative.

And "lots of customers" isn't specific, which you need to be when considering a business. A small airline may consider 50 customers a year "lots of customers" if they are selling private memberships at $300,000 a pop. Another company may need 300,000 customers which is "lots" to them.

Until you consider what you have to offer in the marketplace, we're at a loss how to help you.

1 year ago

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You need to find something you're passionate about first, then know which niche market you're aiming at.

by Elaine M - 1 year ago