How much do pizza delivery guys make?

And how bad is wear and tear on your car?

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Sigh. So many bad answers.

I've managed pizza restaurants since 1988.

How much you make varies from company to company and store to store, the shift you work, and by the driver's experience. I've seen drivers in stores that have adjacent delivery areas vary in average income by $6/hour. I've seen earnings within a store earn $5/hour difference.

Full-time delivery drivers average 12-15 miles/hour over the course of their shift. Of course that doesn't cost $5/hour for gas. If gas is $3.50 and your car gets 25 mpg, it's about $1.75/hour. If your car gets 8 mph, you'd be an idiot to deliver pizzas in it.

At a bad store, you're making $9-10/hour. At a really good one, you can reach $18/hour.

Go visit stores. Talk to the drivers. Ask them what they consider a good tip. Like most people, they'll be glad to complain about their job.

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Not only wear an tear, the car insurance is higher.
You must inform your car insurance that you are using your car for work.
And, your insurance will increase in cost.
If you do not inform the insurance, and you get in a wreck they may find out you were on the clock working as a driver. A claim would be turned down, since non-disclosure of this is fraud.

Another factor = the cost of gas
You could easily spend $5 an hour driving.

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Not a whole lot
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