Which is very important?


I want to create a contact directory website. So I already selected some topics listed below:
Topic 1: Singers Directory
Topic 2: Doctors Directory(Including all clinics, dentists and types of helth companies around the USA, CANADA, Australia)
Topic 3: Restaurant & Food Directory

Please let me know which topic is very important for business. Because I will charge people for per month. It will be a membership website.


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As Sanna said, why do this? There will be zero motivation for anyone to rent/buy your services--
over 10,000 firms offer this already.

the rule in biz is, [for smart biz owners] FIND U N M E T needs and fill them
as long as they match your PASSIONS.

1 year ago

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why do you need only one topic why can't you do them all it would be more profitable because you will have greater diversity.


by Renee - 1 year ago