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    How to start your own restraunt?

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    First you need money and at least half million. You must know how to manage your time and know what order things have to be done. Know how to be a boss and lead others. You have to hire people that are willing to work and know their job well. That is just a part of what you need. Most that open an eatery fail very quickly. You have to be able to keep your food costs below 30% of all costs and how to attract customers to your doors. The food must be of very high quality. Too many think serving food is easy and find just the opposite. Be ready to work 80 hours per week until you get all the help trained and know they will do their jobs properly and honestly.
    a few seconds ago

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    • work in one 3-7 yrs as u learn the trade. live like a starving student saving every penny. read as many books on how business fails or succeeds. when u do all that start wit a food truck if u can. get that profitable after u take a salary. repeat the starving student while saving. then u can got deeply into debt when u open a small eatery. good knowledge is good luck. u need more than both.

      by Rob - 9 hours ago

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