Can I legally charge tip to anyone in my restaurant?

I have a $3.99 special that includes an enchilada with beans and rice and a fountain drink. These old couple come in and get that special. I always make sure they're doing okay and I believe I've given them excellent service. The problem is that they never leave a tip! Their bill with tax comes out to 8.60 and they never leave one penny.

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Has it occurred to you that this little outing is a rare treat for them...they most likely live on a limited income. You should be happy to see them enjoy eating at your restaurant. If they are pleased, they are more likely to recommend your place to others...who may be tipping you.

It is also possible that they come from a place where tipping is not expected at all.

You cannot add tip...only if it is printed on your menu and do this to all your customers. You can't single them out.

1 year ago

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No, you can't do that.

by eric - 1 year ago

you can't do anything. leaving or not leaving a tip is the customers choice.


by Uncle Duke - 1 year ago

No, sadly you cannot. There is such thing as auto gratuity but that is for large parties and most servers take that off. If you would like, next time they come in mention to them how your last customer stiffed you on the tip, and act a little upset. They may catch on that they are supposed to tip, or they are just cheap and theres nothing you can do about it. Good luck


by Monica Permenter - 1 year ago

For example in my country, some restaurants do this: they write in the menu, that there is a 10% fee added to the bill for service. So You would get paid extra, although I am not sure if customers would be very happy to get the bill with extra charge...

by Elona - 1 year ago