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    What's the most efficient way for a small online business to make shipments ?

    I'm launching my online store soon, but I'm still not entirely sure of which shipping methods provide the best efficiency and cost friendly solutions. I understand PayPal has some sort of agreement with some shipping companies. As a small business what would be the best way to do shipments with tracking numbers ? If anyone can provide any additional insight in the shipping process for small online businesses that would much appreciated. Thanks,
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    Well the big question would be what are you selling or more importantly how much will the items(s) you are selling weigh? And of course do you see yourself shipping just domestically or also internationally? Being an eBay Top Rated Powerseller and also running eCommerce websites, my product (mostly eyewear and being light in weight) I ship primarily with USPS since they are the cheapest. PayPal is tightly integrated with eBay so it is easy to print out labels with PayPal. You can also utilize PayPal with your eCommerce site. You also do get a discount printing shipping labels online which is helpful especially if you are shipping out a lot of product.
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