(E-bay) How long to wait after opening unpaid item case to do second chance offer?

Highest bidder has 96% score, with two negative so I wasn't surprised when he didn't pay. I waited 4 days, opened unpaid case. Now, it's ~4 days after that. Is it alright to do a second chance offer now? Should I close the case before I do that?

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I believe now you can open up an unpaid item case after 4 days. Also according to my findings on eBay's site you have "60 days after the listing ends" to send a second chance offer.

I fortunately sell items that I have multiple quantities of in stock, so i always send second chance offers to buyers who bid on my item(s) once my auctions end. If you are auctioning off a one of a kind item, then obviously you should wait to finish the unpaid item process and then either re-list the item or send the second chance offer if it is at an acceptable price point you are willing to accept.


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