How do I convince my mom to get me something from

I discovered a website today where you can customize a chocolate bar and it looks awesome! I already created 4 candy bars and with a coupon code the total came out to be $25.74 and each bar is 3.5 x 5 that a good deal? How do i try and convince her to get it? My stepdad said he will get it for my birthday but its 6 months away :-( I asked my dad and step mom and they said the same thing. How do I ask my mom to get it for me this week?
Ps. Money isnt a problem it's just the fact that its chocolate that might make her say no

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Show your mom the website and designs that you came up with and maybe she'll want to order it with you.


1 year ago

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Good luck with that. The chocolate looks interesting. On further review, their prices are actually good.

There are some companies that will even print photos or custom artwork on chocolate, although one company I tried has low-quality chocolate.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago