will ring central forward calls to my personal cell phone?

I think I am confused on what they actually do. I am starting an online business next month, so I need a business number.
with ring central professional, will they give me an 800 number and allow me to give that number to out my customers but receive calls to that number on the cell phone I already use

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Hi, I work at RingCentral. Yep, our Professional plan works exactly as you described. When you sign up, you can pick a toll-free or local number. That way, people can call your RC number and reach you at your cell, your home phone or any other number.

With a Professional plan, you also get internet fax capability, so you can send and receive faxes from your business number. (It usually works out that 1 fax page = 1 minute of call time - something to keep in mind if you plan on faxing.)


1 year ago