How will I start a mink farm to make mink coats?

How do I get started on a mink farm and mink coat business?

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Find a property that is zoned to raise animals, get some minks, if you are not familiar with the mink coat business, find someone who is, get a coat making business and get clients who will buy these mink coats. You might want to research all this beforehand, see how much it costs and if you can do it. Pay especial attention to how you will get the clients who will buy the coats or everything else is meaningless. And make sure the price you can sell them at will cover your costs sooner or later. In other words develop a business plan because unless you are rich yo will need investors or loans but either way the people who give you the money will want to see a plan.

1 year ago

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At least in much of America, mink coats are going the way of the dinosaur. We had one as part of an estate and we could barely give it away - nobody wanted to buy it and it was a beautiful, stylish coat. Keep that in mind.

by John D - 1 year ago