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    How could I make my business successful? I'm going through a slump right now?

    I've been in business for a little over 10 years. This past month, I've barely made $400 and I'm panicking, wondering what's going wrong. My clients aren't contacting me. I've contacted a few to let them know that I'm available for work. I can't live on this amount and don't want to let my business go. Any suggestions? I really would appreciate some help.
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    find other methods of advertising/promotion? need more info, what is your business?
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    • You are going to retire eating dirt unless you sell this business. Go work for an employer that provides a retirement account, health insurance, etc.

      by Go with the flow - a day ago

    • Everybodies business is crumbling. It's the rotten economy! Too many immigrants willing to work for peanuts! You'll most likely be working at the Burger King in the future! No joke! Companies are folding every day! You don't see that on the news though! I used to be a factory employee with good pay and benefits but now I get four hours a day at the local Burger King!

      by Geo - a day ago

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