Do you get paid instantly when someone buys your item on Ebay?

I wonder if someone pays for my item on ebay, will I get money to my PayPal instantly?

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it depends on if they want to pay for it right away. some people state that instant payment is required and others allow up to 7 days for payment. if some one pays right away with paypal you can then buy stuff on ebay and pay for it with you paypal account balance, but if you want the money cash in your hand you need to transfer it from your paypal account to a bank account or credit card which can take several working days

1 year ago

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In a regular auction buyers have 4 days to pay before the seller can file a Non Payer Bidder claim.
The seller than needs to wait 4 more days for the buyer to respond.

If selling some thing in a Buy It Now format --- you can choose the Instant Payment option.

by Sam - 1 year ago

no you get it when they person pays. most good buyers pay within the first day of winning.

by dourdan - 1 year ago