How do I get back at this disrespectful douche who I fired 2 months ago coming back to get revenge?

This guy use to work for me as the backstage coordinator and he was the best and apparently he got a little sexy with one of the dancers(one of the rules I abide by is no propositioning the dancers) and I caught him fully naked getting blown by one of the dancers. I had him fired for that cause you don't get booty on the job, that's a big no-no. But I didn't fired the girl involved cause she quit after what happened
I get that he was trying to get some but he's on the clock and you can't get laid on the clock
I fired him for what he did and he was peeved for a long time, wouldn't let it go

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Your question makes no sense, you had him fired or you fired him? And if that is what he was fired for, what revenge can he possible get? Call the police, get a restraining order, if you think he's going to be a problem. Get back, get back for what?

1 year ago