e-bay and gamestop question?

If you are an ebay seller and are interested in selling video games online, Can you use game stop as your source? What i mean by that is.....You list a game that they have listed for sale new or used. You list it on your page(high price of course) When a customer buys it from you can you just order it from game stop and have it sent to them? Legitimate answers only please

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you must have the product on hand to list on e-bay.

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No. You need to be 18 to sell on eBay. You need to have the item in your possession for you to send out. If you don't give the buyer the tracking information within 3 days of payment, they can raise a dispute. You won't get the money from the buyer (PayPal will hold it) until you have provided tracking info and the buyer has left feedback after receiving it. So how are you going to pay GameStop unless you use your own money? And why would someone buy from you at a high price when they can just go to GameStop themselves and get it cheaper? And if the buyer never receives the game or it's wrong or whatever, they can lodge a dispute and PayPal will take the money back from you and give it to them. And it costs money to list on eBay, even if the item doesn't sell.


by bron357 - 1 year ago