What type of work/business can I do/start as a teenager?

I'm a 15 year old teenage girl looking to earn some money (I need at least $900-$1000 overall). I currently get an allowance of $15/week for keeping up with chores (cleaning my room, sweeping/vacuuming, emptying/loading the dishwasher, taking out the trash/recycling, etc.), but I really need a way to earn more money.
My strengths are singing, songwriting, makeup/hair, baking/cake making & decoration, card-making (i.e. personal stationery/invitations, etc.), and school-related subjects (i.e. tutoring in English, math, German language).
I can also get a job (we have local ice cream shops, etc.) but I don't have my license yet and my parents aren't very willing to drive me to work every weekend. I do babysit sometimes but the same problem as a job applies to this- people aren't as willing to hire me when they have to pick me up/drop me off.
Does anyone have any suggestions for starting a small business (and how to go about it) related to any of these skills? Thank you!

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everyone sings a bit but DEPENDING on the quality of your signing; you can get rich! To find out how good you are, visit the music teacher at both your school and a local public college. HE or she will give yu an idea. IF good, you are near earning a lot of $. IF not, others of your skills seem viable.

Because of my ethics, please inform your parents of my response! IT is not ethical for an adult to
answer a minor without a family adult knowing

ONLY If you get 'tested" get back to me IF a parent OKs it.
[i was raised by a pianist]

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I would suggest you do SEO, very good job at home.

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