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    How to start a small marketing business?

    If I don't have a marketing degree..can I travel to a certain country and buy a stock of clothes and I ship them to another country so I can sell them and make profit? Or do I need a marketing degree so I can buy products in large quantities? I'm rly into marketing and selling products to make profit but I don't wanna major in marketing.. I wana major in business management ! Does it still work without a marketing degree? I know that a normal tousrist can't ship more than 5 iphones in my country.. Will he be able to ship more with a marketing degree? Sry for the confusion :/ but I'm confused:p
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    Find a niche for your marketing business. Study the habits of other marketing businesses. Subscribe to trade journals. Write a business plan for your marketing business. When starting a new business, there is always a juggling act of time spent on existing customers’ accounts and time spent acquiring new accounts. Plan how you will balance the two, before you hand out your first business card. Always ask clients for referrals to other clients. Their suppliers, business relationships and clients are the best word-of-mouth clients you can find, if your client can give a great referral. Don’t give ideas away for free. Many times a company will request a full-fledged RFP so that you show your hand before they’ve chosen the company. Make sure you include past results in your proposal and past case studies, but only include the goals and objectives and general information of how you will accomplish it. This way you ensure your time spent on the proposal doesn’t go to the person who bid the lowest on the project without your work receiving a cent.
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    • nicole; w r o n g/aka ineffective approach you can do anything you should not do anything do research to identify UNMET needs find your passion[s] combine the above otherwise, you will be hunting and seekng and earning little

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