What is GoDaddy? Do they sell something?

I all ways see the commercial but I never know what they are advertising.
What is their company?

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They mostly sell web domains and you can also have your website put together and/or hosted there.

They are, IMHO, one of the most reasonable domain site buyers out there.

If you are thinking of putting together a website, you must first buy the address of that website. That is what a domain name is. You can buy it at GoDaddy and see if the name you want is still available. Once you purchase that, you can also buy a website template from them to easily put together your own website, as well as have them host your website for a monthly fee. Someone has to host's like paying your monthly cell phone bill. There is a fee to have your website live on the internet every month.

Not sure if you knew any of that, so just thought I would add it.

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Go Daddy or Go Daddy Group Inc. is a privately held company that is primarily an internet domain registrar and web hosting company.
Go Daddy offers everything from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions.
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by Henry - 1 year ago

they sell domains. I bough a hundred of domains from them.


by Gib - 1 year ago