What sells best on Ebay today?

Top selling items on ebay today and in 2012.

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Anything goes

1 year ago

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iPods, iPads and iPhones.

by Splash Frog ♥'s Wii-U - 1 year ago

I'd say electronics?


by HoneyBearCub - 1 year ago

Info not available. You just have to look and see!

by Jo W - 1 year ago

That is a really loaded question. Some things sell really electronics and clothes...but if you want to make money, you have to really be doing a huge volume of that kind of sales, or buy that stuff for pennies on the dollar. Much of it ships from China, and quite really can't compete with that.

I personally think specialty items and a dealer who carries really rare or one of a kind items does really well. My friend sells antique German dollhouse furnishing and I cannot believe what a killing she makes every month. But she really knows her stuff and she was quite active on the boards there to build her business up. Now, she travels to Germany 2-3 times a year to go to auctions and antique stores to find all this stuff so she can re-sell it for 5-10 times what she bought it for.

Also, when my nephew was in high school, he sold those little remote control dogs that jump and bark and hop around...he did it for Christmas money. My brother found a dealer in China who was getting rid of a pallet of those little dogs for cheap. They bought it, and the profit after the initial investment and postage...was about $21.00 each. BUT...he bought them in October and by Christmas...he was all sold out. So yeah, $21.00 time 400 or 500 nephew did pretty dang well for his first ebay gig.

You just gotta find your nitch. Personally, I would stick to what I know as your experience and enthusiasm for your product really do help to sell it. Unless you just happen to get lucky.

by dubious - 1 year ago