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    First Steps to Start a Home-Based Business?

    I am 14 years old and want to do something for income, Not a big legit business or somethings, just at home. I want to build custom computers for people. Computers are my passion, and I really like building them. What would be first steps to get customers to get a product from me? I was thinking advertising, but I only have a limited amount of money. Any ideas?
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    Hey Steven, Well done my friend, I'm so proud of you and your iniciative to get something up and running. Making money from your own enterprize is the absolute best, not always easy, but so rewarding and so exciting when you know the money is coming in as a result of your own effort. I congratulate you. First I'm going to ask you to keep believing in yourself, not matter what anyone says and keep persevering and I guarantee you will make it ok? Secondly we must find out if you have a market for your venture and the best way is simply find out who your clients might be and then go and ask them. "if I did this, would you consider taking a look at it?" is the question you should ask them. if the answer is yes or maybe, then ask them what they would be looking for, as each person would have different needs and you are trying to cater for their needs yes? So if you are targeting "gamers" find out what they are looking for in terms of memory and speed etc, however gamers might not be able to afford your services. A better market I think would excist for specialist businesses where "of the rack" is not always suitable. Do not spend any money on advertising before you know for sure who your target market is and you have spoken to them to get their thinking about your venture. even if they say bad stuff, that doesn't mean that your venture is not going to be successful, but you must get that info and if you are to shy to ask them then send them an email first off, like a survey ok. Good luck
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    • Volunteer on weekends at a computer store that does this. That way you can be known and establish a reputation.

      by Go with the flow - 19 hours ago

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