Ebay buyer moved and wants me to give them extra postage costs to receive it?

sent item out to the address i was given, she emailed a day later saying she was moving tomorrow, and wants me to refund her the postage costs so she can give that money to the new house owner, to send the item to her.
She will not let the item be returned to me so i can send it to her new address either, as she is complaining it will take too long.

so basically, she is asking me to pay postage TWICE because she didn't tell me she was moving before the item would arrive. Does she have the right to this money?

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This makes people hate customers on Ebay. No, she is not entitled to get a refund. It's her responsibility to give change of address notices when she moves. Send her a quick email (if you want to and have the time) letting her know to go to the post office and put in a change of address or pay out of pocket to have the previous tenant send her the package...and keep records so you can get her out of your business life.

Naomi Dunford of Ittybiz calls these people "Aunt Vera's..they are nasty, petty, whiney people who will beat you up every time she orders or lodge a complaint when she messes up.

One thing you want to do, keep those emails she sends. You may need them to show you fulfilled your end of the sale with Ebay and Paypal.


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Not your problem at all. Reply and tell her eBay rules require you to ship to the address in their system at the time you process the sale. Anything else is her problem.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago