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    what can i do about a commercial business storage facility who auctioned off my unit and are willing to settle?

    i was renting the storage unit as a new tenant and somehow their was a clerical error and my unit was sold. i was able to salvage some items before trash day but very minimal. the company is willing to settle and the insurance adjuster offered me less than the value of what was in the facility. how do i go about pursuing this with an attorney
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    The first thing you do is call the insurance adjuster. Inform them that since they are offering less than the real value of the items you had stored you have decided to contact an attorney for advice and possibly a lawsuit. This will sometimes, but not always, work in your favor right there on the phone. Make sure to have a list of the items that were stored there and start quoting things from it and their actual value. Ask for their exact mailing address for your attorney. Be aware that the moment you buy something it's considered used. Even if you bought something just a month ago it's still a used item and the value is less than a new item. A judge won't place a money value on items like photos and letters. Sentimental value has no cash value.
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