Buying Clothes in One Country and Selling in Another?

What are the laws on that exactly? Here in America things are very cheap compared to in Brazil. So, me and my cousin thought it'd be a good idea for me to send him stuff from America to Brazil, and then he can sell it there. We would need to pay some sort of import tax right? How would this type of business work?
I'm basically trying to buy things like quiksilver, billabong. Those types of brands. And ship them to my cousin.. How would I go about doing this?

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there is import tax and duty
not sure how clothes are cheaper in america then brazil since most of them are not even made in america anymore. though if things are expensive in brazil it could very well be because of import taxes and duty rates in Canada we charge 17-18% duty +5-12% tax on clothes coming into Canada
we have a deal with the USA so they are duty free if made there but for other countries a shirt made in china that cost $10 becomes $13 + shipping here.
Mexico and china make very cheap clothes

I've been a customs broker for 6 years
you can get an idea on duty/taxes from
this website

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