I have a good business idea but no money, how can I sell it or can I sell it?

I have this awesome business Idea that could be very popular, how could I present it without having my idea stolen?

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Do you mean you want to find an investor? Some people advertise that they are looking for investors for a new business idea and if they are interested, they contact you and then you present them with your business plan and how much you think you'll need. There are also small business loans are available from the government, local and state.

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To be completely honest, it's unlikely you can sell the idea for someone else to use. Business ideas are not protected under copyright or patent laws so there's nothing stopping anyone with the means from going ahead and starting the business without paying you anything.

If you would like to start a business but don't have the means, your best option is to pursue a small business loan or government grant. If you still need additional funding to improve or expand, you can start seeking investors after you have already registered and established your business.

It's worthwhile to at least look into the following:

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