How do I sell bracelets at school when Im not aloud to sell them in school....?

Ok so I make homeade bracelets that i sell for 2 and 3 $ but I've been selling them for a couple days now and I just emailed my principal if we're aloud to sell stuff and he said no..:( But I need money and that's one of the only ways I do. So I also need ideas to get money too!!!! Thanks!!!

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So basically, if you cannot sell things in school, what don't you make business cards and pass them out, with a special email just for the bracelets? Then have the kids email that address with their home adress and you can mail the bracelets to them. But that may bring the cost up a little. Or, you can make a website where they can see all the pics and then order. Whichever is more convenient.

1 year ago

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I bulk-buy ear stretchers & sell them in school to people my age. Just ask around, do it secretly. That's what I do.

by Alice - 1 year ago

You're not allowed to sell them aloud because it makes too much noise.

by Evening all. - 1 year ago