what can I sell when i have nothing?

I've sold my all stuff, my souvenirs, gifts, my games, my xbox, and my controllers even my tv separated so i can make more money. I miss my tv so much! anyway I have nothing else to sell? and don't worry its not for crack or anything like that im 17, im not a druggie its only for weed.

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Since when is weed not a drug.

1 year ago

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LMAO, if you are selling all of your stuff for weed then you are even more pathetic than a crack addict. what are you gonna do when you run out of everything to sell? Use the money to get weed, then get high and sit in an empty room staring at the wall?

Damn hippies.

by Mannibalector - 1 year ago

You can sell blood and/or plasma.

by Pete - 1 year ago

Try selling old clothes or selling shoes mabye that well help u with that little problem.

by Lashun - 1 year ago

Sell yourself, be a gigolo/escort.

by Burgoo - 1 year ago

wow you must be retarded. giving up a tv for weed hahahahaahaha dumbass

by Pink Glasses - 1 year ago

offer to baby sit get paid
or be a male stripper ;)

by Lindsey - 1 year ago

Your body.

Gimme dat butt.

by SirSmart - 1 year ago