I think my small business is in a rut. Help!?

I've been in business for a little over 10 years and things went well. However, this year is starting on a different note. It's late January and I barely made $200. It's pathetic and I can't survive on this. I've contacted my clients for work and none of them seem to have anything for now. What should I do? I really need the income to support my family.
I'm almost afraid to seek help because I don't want to seem like a loser. Also, if I ask for more work from my clients, they'll think I'm not busy enough. What do I do?

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Market the way you did to get the clients you have. Advertising cost money but hopefully you get more business so it pays off.

Offer an incentive for people to try your service. I was going to start a CPA firm once and was going to offer a free tax extension figuring it would give me some work after tax season. I decided to take a job instead so it never got off the ground because my advertising didn't run when it should have so it got to late to start.

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