Can someone underage own a sole proprietorship? (CA)?

In the coming year I'm planning to start a publishing company that will basically publish books (for now) in a process of editing, getting them printed, and selling to distributors. The thing is I'm underage (14 years old, turning 15 in June) and I was wondering can I own a sole proprietorship myself, in California?

My goal is to just keep things simple and with as little risk to my family. If I can't do this my mom said that she will support me by creating the company herself but I'd much rather do it to have it as mine and also because I don't have many assets to loose if a liability problem occurs. Also I don't want to pay all the fees for having a LLC or a corporation. Too complicated.

So in summary, my question is can someone underage own a sole proprietorship in California?
Okay, I know what I want to do. No duh, I want to publish things. What I'm asking is IF I CAN do it, owning a business, at my age. I think that I can, considering that doing any sort of business would classify you as a sole proprietor. But in California, laws are a bit different.

And also, going into business to rent out college textbooks is honestly stupid. I'm young and don't even own any textbooks. In this day and age the popular thing to do is to buy a nook or ebook reader and get the textbooks on there. It's cheaper than renting in the long run. In my area, renting or buying used is already way too populated a way to make extra dough.

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to be technical, No.
to be technical and helpful, yes, with a very specific caveat: YOU must have a parent or relative
actively involved who signs everything; you may not have a web site or do anything without
their presence and their signatures! That is how singers and actors bloom from pre-teen years
through adult hood--they set up trusts and the parents run those till the child hits age 18. That worked for Shirley Temple and others and according to rumor, not for many others--whose parents
feasted and left the kids poor.

luck to you

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Why dont you rent college books to students?

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