How do I remedy this problem at work?

all the girls at work started to notice male customers coming out of the booths with wet spots on their pants. I went to work with a guy at the booth and I noticed this too. I went online to figure out why the men were having this and I found out that they sell this pair of underpants online that when a stripper rubs up against you with these on you are supposed to come in your pants. Oh the things men will do to get more from the girl he paid to dance for him
here's the site where they come from
I feel like this gives the men that come here an unfair advantage. Also, some of the women hate it when that spot appears in the man's pants

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Lol that's just pathetic haven't met one stripper who could make me come in my pants so why would they want to pretend? It's like admitting that can only last 2 or 3 min lol. Are strippers impressed when this happens or something??

1 year ago