How much should I get for this job I did for a friend of my work?

He told me that I was to come to a little party he was holding for a few friends and that I was to come in only a trenchcoat and some shoes. He had me give this guy the works and strip him to his undies, then rub up against him for 2 minutes. I did all that and I am discussing a price with this guy for the whole day. I don't know whether I should pay him for the whole day or just those acts
I mean the asking price for a small party is $150 roughly. All that extra stuff needs to be accounted for

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This is something that is usually paid upfront... Good luck collecting that debt.

1 year ago

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he should pay you $9999999999999999999999999999999999.99


by E ♥ jigglypuff - 1 year ago