soap, candle, and chapstick...?

ok so i run a small buisness where i sell soap, candles, and chapsticks . i was wondering what some good scents are and what are good prices i was thinking 3 dollars for soap the candles come in small medium or large which im not sure what to price and the chapstick is just the average size of a chapstick which im either going to sell for 1 or 2 dollars. so the question is scents that most people enjoy and prices that are fair but not to cheap. thanks.
also the soaps are a little bigger than the dove bars you would get at the store.

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I've seen this type of stuff super expensive before so feel free to raise the prices a little.
Vanilla cinnamon
Pumpkin spice
Coconut and Lime
Cotton candy
Carrot cake
Hope this helps!!!

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