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So ive listed an item on Amazon for sale. I am new to this so i am not sure about international sales. When i created the listing Amazon put a 4.99 shipping cost on my item on which i understand if sold Amazon will credit me with. Someone emailed me about buying this item from Ghana which will cost $20 to ship. How will amazon charge and credit the shipping cost to me?

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First of all check with Amazon to see if Ghana is a country they do business with. While this person might be honest, Ghana unfortunately like Nigeria has a problem when it comes to internet scams. Also you have NO way to track a package when it leaves the US so the person can always file a dispute saying they never got it and you can't prove them wrong as you can't track it online. And postal theft is a huge problem in Ghana as well so your package risks getting stolen if it's anything of value
I work for a company that has offices in Ghana and Nigeria and we only ever send things through couriers like UPS or DHL because most of the packages we sent through normal air mail never arrived at their destination -- even when the box contained nothing but empty sample tubes, the type you'd use for body lotion.
You'll have to contact Amazon customer service to find out about shipping costs overseas.

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