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    How to deal with an employee coming to your home if you own a cleaning business and work from home?

    Hi! i'm starting a cleaning business and i will work from home. I will hire about 2 part time employees to begin with, but im confused as to how am i going to give them cleaning supplies on a daily basis to take with them to the clients home. Will i have them come to my home daily before going to the client?Should i leave the supplies with them (i dont think thats very smart) but im not sure what to do and wouldnt want them to travel to my home daily, to then travel to the client, and then travel back to my house to bring back the supplies. Please help!
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    Your experience should dictate the amount of supplies required for a weeks work. Weekly furnish them with enough supplies for the week and have them sign for that amount. The next week replenish the used portion if needed for the upcoming week again listing the supplies taken. You could schedule a once a week visit to your home to discuss any work questions, replenish the supplies and take up any problems you might have with their performance. I'd suggest after their last job on every Friday you meet with them preferably separately. Unless you have a backlog of work I"d try to avoid hiring anyone until you get the company well under way. Starting a company with part time employees who will operate unsupervised is a formula for failure. Should you hire friends or family it further is a formula for failure. Your employees will have to be compensated for their vehicle, gas, insurance etc. I don't think you have any understanding the financial investment you will have with 2 PT employees. Try to go it alone or with spouse for as long as you can then evaluate your expansion.
    3 years ago

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    • If you don't trust them with a few cleaning materials why are you trusting them to go into clients houses. If clients can afford cleaners I presume they could have valuables lying around the house which would be more attractive to a dishonest person than a bottle of bleach.

      by DR + Mrs Bears face - 19 hours ago

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