HELP!!! Theres a MAN bidding on all my WOMENS items on Ebay and he is always messaging me ALOT now please read?

OK so theres a bidder on Ebay. He bought a phone from me and paid. That's fine. Then he left me good feedback. That's ok too. I was his first transaction on Ebay and I gave him a chance so that he can get his feedback started. (I also do not know him by the way).
A few days later he started messaging me asking me if I am married and I said YES but I also said we can be friends cause I thought it would be cool to get to know my customers...but the he started messaging me ALOT saying hi and how are you and just too much. So the next day he starts bidding on ALL my stuff and I guess the other bidders got mad so they up bidded him really now he owes me like $200 dollars on womans clothing that I am assuming he cant use! He also said he is gonna pay me tomorrow. In total he is gonna owe me $270 and that's not including shipping. I mean this man only has a feedback score of 1 (which is my feedback) so if I was him, I wouldn't pay. I mean if he wants to waste his money on womens clothing, that's cool. But its just a little creepy that he already has my address. He lives all the way in the other side of the US but still!

I have also been ignoring all his messages ever since he asked me for a picture. I don't know what to do. He is from Mexico he told me, and Ive notice that foreign men fall in love over nothing. Not to dis Hispanics because I am Hispanic myself...but man! Am I gonna have to delete me ebay?

What would you do if you were me? I want my stuff to sell but I feel weird that a woman is not gonna wear my clothes. What should I do? Wait until he pays me? Or block his bids? Im gonna be honest and say that I want the money! What should I do? Please help.
I am assuming he does not have a lady in his life since he is acting very desperate. He also told me he doesn't have many friends

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First I want to say that it is highly unusual for creeps to use eBay sellers as targets of their sexual fantasies. A lot of people have bad impressions of eBay and I want to make sure no one thinks this happens often.

However, there are several things you could have done to protect yourself from this, and some things you can do now.

First, no one should ever use their home address or landline phone number for public transactions. Get a private mailbox at a UPS Store-type place (preferable) or a P.O. box, and a Google Voice number or disposable cell phone. These not only protect you from stalkers, they protect your identity.

Second, on eBay you are supposed to use eBay Messages for all messages. This is for your protection. If someone e-mails you about eBay outside of the messaging system, respond through the messaging system. That way eBay has access to the full conversation if you need to report it for any reason.

You set yourself up for this when you responded favorably when he asked about your sexual availability ("are you married"). At that point, you should have immediately added him to your blocked bidders list and made sure your settings block anyone on that list from contacting you. Then you should have done whatever is possible to block his texts, or at least ignored and deleted them.

Now that he's bought more than $200 worth of items from you:

1. Immediately add him to your blocked bidders list.
2. Cancel any bids he has on auctions that have not ended.
3. Report him as a non-paying bidder for any items he has not paid for at 4 days after auction close.
4. Ship all of the items he has paid for (preferably using your new private mailbox or PO box return address). If he paid for them individually, ship them individually so you have DC numbers for all transactions. You'll need them.
5. Expect a nasty neg for every transaction as soon as he realizes you are not going to have sex with him.

In the future, remember that eBay is a business platform, not a singles bar.

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I would definitely try and reach customer support on Ebay. They could warn him and if required, suspend/disable his account. Good luck

by Jacob - 1 year ago

I would alert the authorities pronto. He could just be extremely lonely, but purchasing your clothes is a bit strange. He could have a wife himself though? Or a lady friend? Try to just lose contact with him, you barely know the guy; it isn't worth the hassle.

by Kyle - 1 year ago

If he pays, you put it up for bids and he bid on it. There's nothing that says he can't bid on your stuff for gifts, I guess I wouldn't worry about what someone does with what they buy from me. If he doesn't pay, report him to eBay, that's a non-paying bidder strike for each item he bids on and doesn't pay for. You can then also leave negative feedback for each item.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to him, tell him to stop contacting you and block him.

by wqdh403 - 1 year ago