What's the best job to have to prepare to be a Business Owner?

I want to be a business owner / entrepreneur but I don't have any money for start up costs and I don't have credit. My plan is to work for a little bit until I have money to start a business. What's a good job that will prepare me to become a business owner?

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Direct sales or any job that pays you on commission basis only. You'll learn how to sell, customer service, lead generation, time management, budgeting and all the things an entrepreneur or business owner must learn.

Unless you go the mlm route, you won't need money - used and new car dealers, insurance companies and a few stock broker companies will train you.

1 year ago

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become a library reader of books on self employment.


by Rob - 1 year ago

Marketing is best to Know about market..............Market Knowledge is necesssary For a business owner..


by David - 1 year ago

Work your way up to a manager or supervisor at a company, you'll learn all kinds of business skills. You could become a manager at a restaurant, clothing store and etc.


by Katina - 1 year ago