Need to make money! Quick!?

I live in Denton TX. Are there any places that would hire a 14 year old? I turn 15 in July...I really need money noe though. Thank you!

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Each state is different with reards to hiring minors (e.g. how old you have to be).

If you are looking for some quick cash - consider selling something you own but no longer need (Craigslist/ebay). There are a lot of ways to make a buck out there - that don't have an age limit or require a work permit.

Check out - a site where people will pay $5 for you to do just about any quick task.

1 year ago

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I'm in the process of searching for the same thing. Only difference is, I'm 13. The most rational thing I've come across is selling old clothes nd things on eBay.

by SammieFirst Name - 1 year ago