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    How can I make money. I'm 15?

    I have Have working papers
    a few seconds ago 7 Answers

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    Well its not that easy... to "just apply". I'm 15 years old too... and i struggle with money also. Im kind of scared to get a job at this moment but i know it needs to be done so i can start saving up for a car... and what not. So my answer to this question is: go to the grandparents and ask if they need any help around the house ... or outside in the yard... or maybe go mow a neighbors lawn for them. Id just start out like that. And then when you are 16 and able to drive then go apply for a real job... now that i just wrote this i need to jump on it my self! Hope this helped!
    3 years ago

    Other Answers

    • Get a job, or ask your parents for a loan that you don't pay back.

      by Zorro - 6 hours ago

    • Try to create your own business. You can do this figuring out a service people need and charging them for it. Ex. If you have a local grocery store and you know that people go there to get coffee every morning, offer to deliver it to them for a fee. Good luck.

      by Joseph - 6 hours ago

    • Baby sit , mow lawns , ect.

      by Cassidy - 6 hours ago

    • 1. Find a job that can help at your age group. 2. Make a bank account and save your money 3. Go to college to get more carrer benifits 4. do community service jobs

      by ? - 6 hours ago

    • I dont know where you live but try a "rink rat" or arena maintenance in other words. pays good in most places

      by George - 6 hours ago

    • Take those working papers and apply for a job.

      by HairyBob - 6 hours ago

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