How do I tell my dad I need to buy pads?

Ok so my dad knows I already have my period that's fine but we don't have any left and i don't know wat to say to my dad that i need pads I'm very shy and i can't ask my mum coz they are divorced and i won't see my mum for another 2 wks and I don't know wat to do so can u plz help me by telling me what I should say to my dad i need pads for my period

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When my friend needed them she was too shy to tell her dad too so she called her mum and told her, then her mum told her dad and he went out and got some. But you could ask your mum to get him to take you and he can just wait in the car or something while you buy them. :) xo

1 year ago

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Dont do that to your dad... pads are like kryptonite for us men.... we can't stand the sight or smell of them....

by Iamicecreamman - 1 year ago

tell him the truth dont be shy its cool his your dad

by aya - 1 year ago

Just tell him you need to go to the store and ask him to give you money to buy something.

by LFant - 1 year ago

"Dad, I need pads for my period."
You know he is your dad, and not a total stranger, right?
Plus he should already know about this kind of stuff.
Don't be shy, if you hide conversations like this, future ones might just get more awkward.
Trust me, just get it over with. Ask him to give you a ride to get some. :)

Good luck.


by Kratos - 1 year ago

"Dad, can you bring me to the store?" If he asks why, just give him the "look". All men know what that means. We've all been there, don't sweat it!

by sarah - 1 year ago

if you need pads, you need way around it!

just go to your dad and say
"hey dad i really need like 7 bucks to buy some personal things. i know you don't want me to say what exactly".
he should get the picture and give you the money.
if he doesn't want to be seen buying pads and you need a ride from him to the store, just go in and get them by yourself. tell him he can just wait in the car.

btw. tampons are much more comfortable,they don't hurt, and once in, you don't feel anything,and you dont have to see or feel anything...umm..coming out. for lack of better terms

by liltammy1988 - 1 year ago

Dad, I need a few dollars for Kotex ,,, we're all out

by S Y - 1 year ago