Which name sounds better for a baby business name?

Baby Bird

Baby Birds


Baby Treasures

Babbling Babies

Toasty Tots

Baby Cherubs


1 year ago - 6 answers

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I like "Buggalugs." Cute, but not too specific. Good choice!

1 year ago

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Babbling babies

by Ahkea Klein - 1 year ago

Depends, if you do baby clothing toasty tots is cute, but if its just everyday baby stuff baby birds is lovely

by Amyrilis - 1 year ago

Hi, I like 'Babbling Babies', as you're selling things like pacifiers (what we call in Britain, "dummies").

If you are targeting also the UK, do not use 'Bugga{lugs}', as this is close to a British sexual swear word "bug*er". Not suitable for such young customers!


by Pete - 1 year ago

Buggalugs sounds best to me.

by Carol - 1 year ago

Baby Treasures. I like this one the best. Please don't go w/ Buggalugs.. it sounds odd to me. You have to remember that it has to sound professional too

by puprific61412 - 1 year ago