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    How to start a small business?

    I'm considering starting a small business in the future if/when I become very good at knitting and jewelry making. How would I go about starting a small online business? Would creating my own website be a good idea? Or joining as a shop on Etsy? Thank you! Other advice on the subject would be much appreciated!
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    Those are some decent ways you could go about it, And another thing you could do is find a store near you that sells the kind of items your going to be making and selling them to the stores! Its a pretty good way to make money if you find the right stores to sell your product!
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    • ignore Etsy you are good at something but unless there are unmet needs for what you do, why will anyone want to buy those things from you? do research; all biz's are in the biz of solving customer's problems can help further if needed/desired.

      by kemperk - 13 hours ago

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