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    ebay buyer wants money back... plz help?

    so i sold an item toa buyer on ebay and he wasnt satisfied and wants his money back but i dont want to give it back. paypal is still holding the money and i was wondering if i cancel and unlink my ebay account that is linked with my paypalwill ebay still refund the guys money back with the ebay buyer protection?
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    1) You can state "no returns," but the item can still be returned if it is significantly different than described. This is where a five-word item description works against you. Have him return the item to you. You do NOT have to cover the cost of return shipping per eBay policy. But you do have to cover the cost of shipping the item to him. 2) Once you receive the item, you refund him in full. 3) If you don't refund him despite him returning the item to you, that's fraud. eBay can send the funds back on your behalf and will bill your PayPal account for it. It's locked until the negative balance is resolved, meaning you cannot do any business on eBay. They can and will send a negative balance to collections. You may have not given them your social security number, but that doesn't really matter.
    3 years ago

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    • Even if they you cancel your eBay account or paypal account they have the information of your Bank account so they will still be able to get the money back. If you want him to send his money back you must tell him to return the item because then the he will be keeping your item and keeping your money.

      by hope - 3 hours ago

    • It's not worth ruining your reputation on ebay. He will give you a poor rating and no one will want to do business with you. Have him return the item and give him his money back. paypal will probably do it anyway.

      by Rachel - 3 hours ago

    • You don't get it. Unless your listing said NO RETURNS you have to refund him. If you don't Paypal will do it and take the money from you.

      by David14 - 3 hours ago

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