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    New Tupperware Consultant - Question about 1st Party - HELP PLEASE!!!!!?

    I just signed on to sell under a land who lives across the country from me, due to the fact that there are no local consultants in my area. I've now signed on and am very excited, but am confused at what process this is supposed to take. I was told by my consultant that I am to send her a list of all my contacts, and that she will invite them to an online party which is supposed to be my "introduction party" to let friends know I am selling now. On one hand this makes sense, as she is my consultant and helping me get started. But on the other hand, I don't want to send all of my contacts to her and if I make any sales off of my friends and family, I do not want it to go to her but to me! Won't it help her either way? Why does she need to be in charge of this initial party? Is this standard procedure throughout Tupperware? Or is this her own rule? Please someone let me know! I definitely want to do the right thing and follow the rules if that is what is expected of me. But if not I want to have my own breakout party without her! Thanks so much for any replies.
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    my mom sells Tupperware and when i asked her about this she said they never asked for a list of phone numbers and that sounded weird. nobody ever tryed to helped her. so i suggest that you dont take a risk and let your customers become hers thats your profit not hers. your contacts is what your buisness runs around thats tupperware. if you can tell all your contact list yourself about your gathering party the better no risk that she might contact any of them sooner or later to steal them away.
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