what happens if someone buys...?

ok i put a black ops 2 for sell $50 on ebay is really new i played it 4 days. Anyways what happens if someone buys it it's free shipping btw. How do you shipped it 1st time doing this how do i do it lol. Also how does ebay work it's ok make fun of me i just want to learn =)

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After Ebay notifies you that there is a buyer, check your PayPal account to make sure the money is in your account. If not, contact the buyer and tell them you will ship their item as soon as payment is confirmed. Do Not Ship Until You Have Been Paid!
-Go to the post office and get a package that it will fit into.
-Download from Ebay a shipping label and fill it out.
-Then pack up the merchandise, use newspaper or whatever to pad it so it doesn't get
broken while it's in transit.
-Then take it to the post office, tell them you want to insure it for $50.
-Pay for the insurance and the shipping then have it mailed.

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