Can you become a successful entreprenuer without innovation talent or passion.?

Hi, I'm a college student and an online retail business owner. I do make few thousands of profit from my business. I'm really a management, physical, conceptual,and leadership guy. I dont like to invent stuff. Which direction should i take in order to succeed in entreprenuership?
BTW, I didn't start that business. My dad did.

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Sure Kangshi, there are tens of thousands of fastfood owners who succeed, and they are entrepreneurs. They are on their own and relatively successful; but they follow a provided plan.
I think you are too closely relating entrepreneur with innovator (inventor), and they can be mutually exclusive. Entrepreneurs aren't necessarily creative or inventoive or passionnate; they just want some control over their life and to make some money To be an innovator/inventor, yes, i think one needs the 3 qualities you asked about.

And like the 1st answer mentioned, focus and refine and expand what you are gifted at, and have help with the other stuff.


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Ok, you need innovation, talent and passion to be successful at business. BUT if you are simply good at managing it, then what you need to do is expand your business, and hire creative people to make up for your weak areas.

by G - 1 year ago

You can, but it might be pure torture for you. Without an interest in what you're selling or doing, you are at a disadvantage.

by Elaine M - 1 year ago