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    Can eBay take my money?

    So I recently sold a radio on ebay. When the seller received the radio, he was saying that it was not working, when it was working when I shipped it. He is now wanting a refund and I feel like I should not refund him because I have no proof that he didn't break the radio on his end. I need the money to pay bills, and have already spent the money on that. He is saying that if I won't refund him he will sick ebay on me. The other part is that he messed up the auction and bid over the reserve, canceling out the BIN. Well he wanted to BIN so I canceled the auction and sent him a paypal invoice which he paid. Can he sick ebay on me when he didn't pay through ebay? And what happens if I just ignore him?
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    1) The item has to be returned before you refund. Always. Even an eBay moderated dispute this is the case. But this isn't an eBay moderated dispute, they don't even have a record that the item was purchased. 2) Never, ever, ever, ever accept a payment for an eBay item in a separate PayPal transaction. You lose a lot of the protections that you have as a seller (return of the item, for example) when you do so. Since you did in this case, you may be SOL if he decides not to return the item. 3) If he had wanted to do a BIN, all you had to do was cancel the bid and poof! The BIN feature appears again. 4) If there is no money in your account and eBay/PayPal reverses the transaction, your balance will be negative. Although they may not dip into your bank account to obtain the money and correct the balance, they CAN send the account to collections and your account will be locked until the balance is corrected. eBay is in fact a very safe marketplace, if you play by the rules and don't decide to take your business of the website; or moan and complain when you listed your item with a three-word description then the buyer is unhappy. You may be safe if the payment was sent as just cash and not payment for goods/services, as those payments are not considered reversible.
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    • he can try to open a dispute with paypal, which will not effect your ebay account. i think the fact that he says he will sick ebay on you leads me to believe he might not know what he is talking about

      by dourdan - a day ago

    • Yes, eBay can take your money. Read your member agreement. This is a perfect example against ever using eBay. Next time sell your stuff through Craigstlist and meet buyers in a public place, like a coffee house. Bring a friend for safety. Never take anything other than cash. Better yet, donate your used items to charity or give them away to friends. If there's no money in your bank account, they can potentially screw your credit score. Make the customer return the item and give a refund. You can file a reverse dispute with eBay if they return the wrong radio or it appears damaged.

      by falsi fiable - a day ago

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