how old do you have to work for avon?

as a Representative

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18 years old but if you're not your mom can sign up online as long as she doesn't mind. I'm aware of many reps who started with their moms account and once they turned 18 added themselves onto the account.

Hope that helps!!!

PS sorry you're being given misinformation but it has not gone bankrupt or bought by another company. You'll be seeing Avon commercials on TV and from what I understand companies normally don't play commercials if they went out of business

1 year ago

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as the other person said, 18. While it SOUNDS exciting, Avon is a bed idea.
it went bankrupt last fall and was bought. IT offers nothing to the world--solves no problems but
the distribution of something for the maker

few of the reps sell through retail fixed site stores; the only logical way of selling most items.

1 in 100 AVON reps earn more than $3.00 per hour and they invest a lot of time and energy
and gas money and insurance and more, trying to convince others to buy. NO ONE should ever
try to convince anyone to buy anything; people buy to solve their problems --MLM only cares
about moving inventory. Avon products sell for 1/2 as much MORE than their competitors to
provide $ for their distribution costs. And when you have a party, if downlines are important, then
the agent is actually committing a felony! NO business may operate IF their main way of earning a profit
is through new agents. Check out the law.

by kemperk - 1 year ago